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A bassline also known as a bass line or bass part is the term used in many styles of music, such as jazz , blues , funk , dub and electronic , traditional music , or classical music for the low-pitched instrumental part or line played in jazz and some forms of popular music by a rhythm section instrument such as the electric bass , double bass , cello , tuba or keyboard piano , Hammond organ , electric organ, or synthesizer. The idea that anything of the noodling Johnny Marr does is a riff contradicts the Smiths' whole aesthetic. Popular music Musical techniques Jazz terminology. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Bass guitars. Bill February 2, - Why Is This Course Important? Rhythmic variations by the bass, such as the introduction of a syncopated figure can dramatically change the feel of a song, even for a simple groove.
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Lick | Definition of Lick by Merriam-Webster

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What is a lick?

A walking bass is a style of bass accompaniment or line, common in Baroque music and 20th century jazz , blues and rockabilly , which creates a feeling of regular quarter note movement, akin to the regular alternation of feet while walking. I was wondering what is the difference between a riff and a lick. Because a riff is a main theme for a song, it often becomes inextricably associated with that songif you heard the riff out of context say, someone trying out guitars in Guitar Center , you'd associate it with the song. Related Words sweep ; edge out , nose out ; annihilate , blow away , blow out , bomb , break , bury , clobber , cream , crush , drub , finish , flatten , overwhelm , rout , shellac , skin , slaughter , smoke [ slang ] , snow under , thrash , trounce , upset , wallop , wax [ slang ] , whip ; cap , excel , flourish , score , succeed ; knock off , knock over , overpower , overthrow , subjugate , unseat , vanquish ; ace out , better , eclipse , exceed , excel , outdistance , outdo , outfight , outshine , outstrip , overtop , surpass , top , transcend ;.
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A lick again, in my definition is, as Dr Mayhem said, something used in solos, used by experienced improvisers to give their solos structure, and by inexperienced improvisers to avoid having to make TOO many on-the-fly decisions. In s-era performances of Baroque music, the basso continuo is typically performed by just two instruments: Walking bass often moves in stepwise scalar motion to successive chord roots , such as often in country music:. To punish with blows or lashes:
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Verb third-person singular simple present riffs, present participle riffing, simple past and past participle riffed To improvise in the performance or practice of an art , especially by expanding on or making novel use of traditional themes. Single-line riffs or licks used as the basis of Western classical music pieces are called ostinatos. Then, the next consideration is how those targets will be approached, often by non-chord tones so as to create a sense of forward momentum, and tension and release, though sometimes repeated as a pedal to reinforce the harmony. To add variety to a walking bassline, bassists periodically interpolate various fills, such as playing scale or arpeggio fragments in swung eighth notes, plucking muted percussive grace notes either one grace note or a "raked" sequence of two or three grace notes , or holding notes for two, three, or four beats. Often used with on. Complete Country Guitar Book , p. In a heavy metal song where the bassist was ordinarily playing low notes without overdrive to accompany, for a solo, he or she may turn on a fuzz bass pedal and use a wah pedal to create a more pronounced tone an approach used by Cliff Burton , and then play an upper register riff or scale run.
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